Unlike those "Yogurt Smoothies," Frutel is made from real milk with real fruits.

While others continue to sell “smoothie-style yogurt mixes,” we are marketing a drinkable yogurt made with real milk and fruit. Frutel is exactly that, a real drinkable yogurt that is a meal replacement, an energy booster and nutritious drink all in one.

Frutel is rich and thick creamy yogurt made with real fruits and fortified with other essential nutrients. It’s high in calcium and a good source of protein. Plus, with only 2.5g of fat and only 23 grams of sugar, it’s an anytime healthy treat that comes in delicious flavors like strawberry, mango, guanabana, and strawberry banana.


Frutel Drinkable Yogurt a Nutritious Breakfast and Snack
Compared to other popular brands of drinkable yogurt, Frutel offers many health advantages:

  • Contains real fruit and high quality ingredients that result in the highest quality drinkable yogurt. 
  • Uses a special ingredient that gives the product a rich and creamy taste.
  • Available in unique Guanabana flavor other brands do not offer.
  • Much lower in sugar and fat compared to other drinkable yogurts.
  • Packed with key probiotics which improve “gut health” and supports good digestion.
  • Contains much more fruit and protein than other brands, which often have a lot of water and only a small amount of fruit. 


Available in 3 convenient sizes.


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